Can’t believe it has been 4 weeks since we found out that we are America’s FAVE!

Time does fly fast….it has been 4 weeks since Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro was named America’s Favorite Food Truck!  Lots of media coverage and attention from all over America definitely kept me busy and in this tough economy, you can’t buy enough positive publicity!

I have so many thank you to say still as I am constantly running into people out in the street, market, at the restaurant who are congratulating me for the win.  But I rather congratulate YOU!  YOU all did this for us and YOU got us into the National Spot Light!  It does make my shoulder a bit heavier as I have more expectations to live up to.  We are now watched under more critical eyes but I know that is what we will have to manage to bring ourselves to the next level.

Still can’t thank enough to all of our friends and fans who have brought us up to this level.

Thank you.

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